Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bird & Hearts

Out of my box type card!  Got the idea off someone's else' blog, sorry don't know who, and changed it a little to suit my taste.  So many different things going on with this card.  I used a word background stamp for the yellow heart and the front of the card.  Used the bird punch and the Martha Stewart leaf punch.  Then made a strip of dark brown paper and put it thru my paper crimper, so it has ridges.  Used another MS punch for the scalloped border with holes.  For the hearts, the dark brown is a StampinUP folder and the light yellow one was done with the Cricut.  In the lower left hand corner I wanted to put brads, but don't like the look of the back of the brad on the inside of the card.  So instead, I punched out three tiny brown dots and just used them.  A neat way to add this touch if you don't have the brads to match the papers!
A side view.
And the inside of the card.  Used the tiny dots as an accent here too.
  (**Edited - figured out where I saw the original of this card... Linda's Stampin Loft).

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stamp Pad Holder

My latest find at Good Will - only $1.50!  This is what it looked like when I got it, thought that it would be a holder for my stamp pads.
And this is what it looks like after a few modifications!  Cool, huh?  I knew I didn't have enough stamp pads to fill it - and never will!  So I cut out some of the tiny shelves to make them bigger to hold other things.  I think that it turned out really neat and my desk area is a little bit cleaner and bigger to work on now, as all of my clutter is on the shelves.
A close up of how I put the daubers on the board.  I have recently started using daubers and have realized that you need to have one dedicated to each color.  I made little 'boxes' for each dauber so that it corresponds to each stamp pad.  I was also having a problem that when I picked up the dauber I would get some of the residue ink on my fingers and then get smudges on my paper.  With this new set up, now I can just put my finger in the dauber and no more smudges!  Just love when I find a bargain and can make it work!

Friday, July 22, 2011

3D Vase

The vase is a circle that was cut across the bottom and then an oval punch was used to make the top of the vase.  To make the design on the vase, it was put thru the Cuttlebug to put the embossed strip across the top.  Edges were highlighted in green ink.  Pink flowers were made with small circles and layered.  White dots on flowers and vase is from Ranger Accents.  I like the 3D illusion that the vase is on a floor or counter and then you have the two side walls. 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fido the Dog

Fido in punches!  I am beginning to just love punches.  This dog was made with the Blossom Petal Punch, who would of thought that you could make a dog out of a flower punch!  I think he needs front paws, but was not sure how to make them.  Got the idea for the dog from Blinkin', Thinkin' & Inkin' Blog - she is so creative with punches! 
The slats for the dog house were cut strips and edged on one side and then slightly overlayed on each other.  The Fido name sign was hand cut.  The dog itself was cut out of felt paper, so it has a slight fuzzy texture.  I edged him with a slightly darker ink so his parts would stand out.  Isn't he cute!?
Here is a close up of the bones.  Just two small strips of paper and then sorta rounded in the middle.  Then two small circles on each end to create the bone part.  Isn't that neat?  Saw it on another blog (sorry, can't remember which one!), and they just look like bones.  I just really like how this card came together, makes me smile!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Sleeping Cat

Sleeping Cat.  From the StampinUp set Home & Heart.  Each stamp is individual so you can place them on the card where you want them.  And there are many stamps to change up the card for all seasons.  Colored with Copics.  I like how the door turned out, looks kinda real. 
Hearts were stamped and then cut out and attached with pop dots so that they stand away from the door.  Doesn't show in the picture too well, but the door handle is super shinny gold.  Used glue and foil paper - put glue on the handle and let it dry then put paper foil over it, rub, and will leave the foil adhered to the glue.  Really cool stuff!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Berry Nice Day

This is a digi strawberry design.  I like digi designs because you can make them any size that you want.  I think I got a little carried away with the red cardstock - but it was all scraps!  Colored with Copics - ha, no chalks this time!
I like how the black spots turned out on the berry - I used Ranger Accents, it comes in black and white.  Can't really see it too well on the center of the flowers, but it really pops with the black dots on the berries and is super shinny when it dries.  Also, made a second layer for the three strawberries so they are a little raised up from the rest of the card.  Hope you have a 'berry' nice day!