Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stamp Pad Holder

My latest find at Good Will - only $1.50!  This is what it looked like when I got it, thought that it would be a holder for my stamp pads.
And this is what it looks like after a few modifications!  Cool, huh?  I knew I didn't have enough stamp pads to fill it - and never will!  So I cut out some of the tiny shelves to make them bigger to hold other things.  I think that it turned out really neat and my desk area is a little bit cleaner and bigger to work on now, as all of my clutter is on the shelves.
A close up of how I put the daubers on the board.  I have recently started using daubers and have realized that you need to have one dedicated to each color.  I made little 'boxes' for each dauber so that it corresponds to each stamp pad.  I was also having a problem that when I picked up the dauber I would get some of the residue ink on my fingers and then get smudges on my paper.  With this new set up, now I can just put my finger in the dauber and no more smudges!  Just love when I find a bargain and can make it work!


Anonymous said...

$1.50? Oh my goodness! This is SO cool! What a great deal and what a great way to use it! And you have so much space for other "tools of your trade!" Time to go shopping! ha ha!

Your #1 fan!

Anonymous said...

You are so clever. I would have looked at that and never gotten the idea of using it like that. You must have gotten all the imagination in the family.

Deb said...


I bought a stamp pad holder just like yours..and at Goodwill, no less! Think I paid $2.99 for mine. I have half of it filled with stamp pads and the other half with ribbon....they make perfect ribbon spool holders too.