Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Great Day

My first sewing card!  I have always admired cards that had stitching on them and finally broke down and got a small portable sewing machine.  This is my first card and I love the look of the stitching.  I used the zig-zag stitch and it came out pretty straight - think I would have a hard time doing a straight line!  I also colored it with Copics.  I am still trying to learn how to color with these pens and I stamped out about five of the little dogs and colored them all different ways and finally went with this one.  Still not 100%, but I am getting there!  Hope you like it!

1 comment:

Gerlinde said...

Love, love, love this card! You come up with the cutest animal images! And the stitching! Wow! You are movin' right along, girl!