Saturday, February 25, 2012

Flower Thinking of You

This is a four square card design that we made in our card club last year.  I loved the way the card looked and just had to make more.  My problem in doing this card was that I did not have a way to cut out the squares so they were all even.  Finally figured out that I could just cut the squares out with my Cricut!  Yea, now I can cut them anytime that I want to make a card with this feature.  The 'thinking of you' was also cut with the Cricut.  There is such a learning curve to using this machine, but I am determined to figure it out.  It takes so long to do anyting with all the trial and errors, but the end result is always worth it!  The four flowers are from the dollar bin at Walmart - amazing what you can find when you search long enough.  Loved the way this card turned out.  Below is a side view and the inside verse.
I popped up the top layer to add even more dimension to the card, really shows up thru the windows.  Even the 'thinking of you' words appear three dimensional due to the three layers that I used to make the words.  Like the effect that it has in how thick it makes the words look.


Gerlinde said...

THe cricut cut words are fabulous! Love the colors on this card too - Great card!

Anonymous said...

I love this card too! I think an order of them are in my future! Great job!

From your #1 fan!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess it's a total of 3 so far as "I love this card and another great card." You always do beautiful work.

Diane Caron said...

Looks good, Terry!