Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Craft Room!

For the last several years my craft room was in the laundry room.  It was very tight and very jammed pack.  One of my kids moved out a few months ago and so decided to finally make the big move upstairs and spread out.  What a difference a little more room can make!  Everything in my new room was in the laundry room - wow so much stuff!  Who knew I had that much!  You never know what you have until you start cleaning and moving.  So amazing that it was all in the laundry room except for the tables that I got at IKEA.   This first picture is the view as you walk into the room.

And this is the view as you are looking out of the room.  I painted the room a light lavender and it is so calming and peaceful.  Need to still put up pictures and such on the walls.  I think I am a little overwhelmed with the size of the room and so much wall space.  Did not have it in the laundry room and am not sure what to put up, so taking my time on what to do.
View from the other corner of the room.  I like to stand sometimes to work and so I made sure to have two work areas where I could.  One level has my paper cutter and the other level has my scorer and Cuttlebug.  I purchased two table tops from IKEA and just put them on top of the white drawers and used an L-bracket to attach it to the walls so they don't more.  Also have a computer in here that is hooked up to my Cricut.
And the view from my desk.  I have three tables set up so that my friends can come play in my room too!
And this is Jessie, she just loves to look out the window and she is the perfect height!  Most times I leave the window a little cracked for her and for me too, so I don't have to clean the window all the time from her nose prints.
Thanks for checking out my new play area.  I just LOVE it and already find myself spending more time in here than I ever did in the laundry room.


Anonymous said...

I have seen your laundry room work shop and I know it was crowded with all that you have, but my goodness, I didn't know you had that much. It grew since it was allowed to expand,

It is incredible that you were able to make such beautiful cards in such a cramped situatiion. You will really shine now.

Gerlinde said...

Truly a veritable crafting heaven! How DID you fit all that in your laundry room! Looks very inviting!

Diane Caron said...

WOW! Nice room!! I'm envious - everthing is so neat and fresh looking! You can REALLY have fun now!!