Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gift Bags

Aren't these cute!  These are small plain white lunch bags that are decorated and have a flap to close them.  There is also a ribbon on the back as a handle.  The front and back of the bag is covered with the blue star paper and then the red is folded over the top, adhered in the back and Velcro is in the front.  Happy Birthday was cut with my Cricut and the stars are made with punches.  Here is another example:

The polka dot bag has a button on the front and once again Velcro is on the inside of the flap to seal it.  The purple ribbon on the top is adhered on the back and is the handle for the bag.

The flowers are made from tissue paper!!  Took a sheet of tissue paper and folded and folded it till it was about 6x6.  Using my scalloped punch, punched thru all the layers, about 10-12, and put a brad in the center.  Then scrunched up each layer around the brad - they turned out so pretty.

This bag has three different sizes of flowers on it.  I only had one scalloped punch, the large one.  I wanted different sizes of flowers, so punched out circles with my circle punches - two different sizes - and traced it onto the tissue paper.  Then used my decorative scissors to cut around it so that it has a funky edge.  I think they turned out great!  I liked the flowers so much that I made a bunch of them for more projects.  Thanks Jo (and Diane) for the idea of the flowers, love them!

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Gerlinde said...

Absolutely adorable! Love the flowers! so clever!