Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Project Hangers

I always have a bunch of projects that I am working on.  I start one, cut out pieces or stamp them out and hope to make several cards and then make just one and have all the extra pieces sitting there waiting for me to make the rest.  Had them sitting in piles all over the room and was getting to the point that I was running out of desk space.  So came up with this idea.  I have a closet in my craft room, so was at a local store and saw these clip hangers.  Asked if I could have a few - always love a freebie!  Then I went around the room and gathered up all my unfinished projects and put them in plastic baggies and clipped them to the hangers. 

What a perfect idea!  I can always see what is in the clear bags and can just grab a bag and finish with the project!  I just love organization!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Stamp Club Card - September 2012

 The center balloon is pop dotted so it stands up higher than the other two.  The card on the right was so hard to photograph.  It is a fall card with different colored leaves all over it.  The reason that it is shinny is that we used White Shimmer Paint.  You put a little in a dish then use a piece of Saran Wrap crunched up and dab it over the card.  It gives it a real shimmery look!

 All the cards were great and the company of the group even better!  Always love the cards!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Vase on a Shelf

This was a very quick card to make.  Sorta looks like a vase on a ledge or shelf.  The vase part is a circle and the bottom is cut off then run thru the Cuttlebug with the Swiss Dots folder.  All the flowers were store bought (they came in a tall bottle) and glued on.  There is a dot of Stickles in the center of each flower.  This turned out really cute and it was super fast to dream it up and create it - it took longer for the Stickles to dry than it did to make the card!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stamp Club Cards - August 2012

Well a little late posting these, but can remember that it was a great card makin' day!  Glad that we did a Christmas one, never to early to start making them.  My designs were a little different than everyone else's, I had different needs than they did, so most of mine were thinking of you type cards.  Always a fun time!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Welcome Home

One of my favorite type of cards to make! A friend was out of town and so when they came back they had to have a welcome home type card.  I had gone around and taken pictures of their yard and put them on a card for them with the inside stating Welcome Home!