Thursday, March 21, 2013

95th Birthday!

Made a card for a friends mom who was turning 95!  Decided to go with whimsical and so did a giant cupcake.  This is a 5x7 card so it is big!  All was cut with the Cricut. I took about 20 pictures of this card and could not get the colors right, it looks so bold pink and in person it is light pastels!  The 'icing' on top is just a light pink glitter paper which is what I think thru off the camera.  Anyway, it turned out nice, I like the way the white borders make it pop especially around the words.  Happy 95th Birthday!


Gerlinde said...

That is so cool! Love the glittery top! And a pink card too!

Anonymous said...

Looks good enough to eat. I like the glittery iceing too.