Thursday, April 11, 2013

Birthday "Bytes"

Needed to make a birthday card for a friend for someone who is into computers.  So just cut out some squares and a triangle to make a 'computer'.  Used clipart for the Windows 'computer screen'.  Then cut an actual mouse with the Cricut for the 'mouse' for the computer.  Words were generated on my computer.  Below is inside of card and is a bit cheeky, but sorta fit the occasion!  And in my stash of papers, came across this one filled with paperclips and thought that it fit the theme.  Hope they liked it!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Die Cut Hi!

Another Cricut card!  This design was a free cut and it is supposed to be used for the back of an iPhone, but I thought it would make a cool card.  Cut the butterfly out three times - first layer glued to card. Second layer was cut on vellum, minus the four cutouts for the wings and then third layer.  Attached the vellum to the third layer, the cutouts in the wings are then see-thru!  But, after attaching it to the card thought that it could use some bling so put Stickles on the vellum showing thru. Haha - didn't need to go to the trouble of cutting out the second piece on vellum, but it was a cool idea!