Thursday, June 20, 2013

Man In Suit

Decisions, decisions . . . I spend way too much time when making a card.  I usually get the idea then lay it out and come back the next day and move things around and lay them out again and this process could go on for days until it seems right.  With this card, for my father-in-law, the big decision was where to put the man figure - in the middle or off to the side.  He is bigger than the oval and after many movements from here to there, I finally decided to put him off to the side.  I like where it ended up!  I went with really simple and no bling, just pop dotted the man on the card.  The man figure was a free cut off of the Art Deco Cartridge.

1 comment:

Gerlinde said...

Love this! Very Classy!