Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Happy 91st Birthday!

Happy 91st Birthday, Dad!  Yes, my father-in-law turned 91 in May and this was the card that I made for him.  He did like it, but admitted that he was not the bow-tie kind of man!  Bow-ties were cut with the Cricut and then I just used a circle punch for the center of the ties.  Thought that it added an additional dimension to them.  I struggled with how to put the circle punch on - do I line it up or put it so that it is going a different direction than the tie.  Finally decided to do what is above, as when you tie a bow-tie, the center never matches.  Maybe this is why it takes forever to make a card because of all the thought processes that go on! 


Gerlinde said...

So cute! He looks good for 91!

Anonymous said...

Another neat guy card. You do come up with some goodies. Thanks.