Thursday, September 5, 2013


This card was a fast card to make - just cut the ATV image out using the cartridge Dude with the Cricut (has three layers).  Then I just pop dotted it onto a rough/pebble looking piece of wall paper!  Years ago I got a wallpaper book from a paint store and am still using pages out of the book!  It really gave this card a neat look and feel.  To the left is the inside of the card.  Once again, I love to play with words and so I came up with At The Very for ATV - get it - LOL!  David liked the card and he had a great birthday!

Whenever I give a card that is not mailed, I always have to decorate the envelope.  I took a model car and inked up one of the wheels and ran it across the envelope for tire tracks because my theme of the card was the ATV.  Cleaned off the tire and put the model back and no one is wiser for me doing it - shhhhh! 


Gerlinde said...

Love this! So cool! Especially like the tire tracks - ingenious! I'm sure he loved it!

Anonymous said...

This is the card I wanted to comment on earlier in the week. Now thanks to you I can and let you know that I think it is a very clever card. You did it again. Thank you and Kelly.