Sunday, September 15, 2013

Chocolate Bar

This chocolate card has been in the making for over a  year!  I saw it on someone's blog and loved it and then never made it.  Even borrowed my neighbor's Traffic embossing folder and it all just sat there.  Finally, the card!  If you cut out the little squares that the Traffic embossing folder makes and then you pop dot them, cover half the image with real aluminum foil and voila, you have a candy bar!  So cute!

After making this card,  it sat on my desk for another few weeks until I had the time to search for just the right saying - sometimes that can take as long as it takes to make the card!  Hope you enjoy! 


Anonymous said...

Makes me want to run out and get A large Hershey Bar with almonds. Nice one again.

Gerlinde said...

I think I would eat it if you sent it to me! I haven't had chocolate in FIVE weeks! I wouldn't even care that it was paper! Great card!