Sunday, November 27, 2011

Stamp Club Cards - November 2011

For the snowman card he is stamped on a piece of vellum and then colored on the backside.  Such a cool way to have color on a card.  The Joy card, stamped the red words and then stamped Joy on top and embossed in silver, love the effect!

The Winter Lodge card - it was stamped in white and embossed.  Like the color combinations!  For the Post Card - the pull out part is actually a recipe card.  What a neat idea that it could be a pull out note!

Gift card holders - The snowman one is a favorite - a very cool way to give a gift card!  The Naughty or Nice one is for that special person who you are giving a gift card AND a chocolate bar too!  The stripped paper is a candy bar wrapped up, just too cool!


Anonymous said...

These are way too cool. When was this Stamp Club session that I didn't go to?

Looks like I missed a good one.


TerryH said...

It was the Christmas workshop.

Anonymous said...

Love these cards too! Especially the one in the woods! Just elegant!

Your #1 fan!