Tuesday, March 5, 2013

50th Wedding Anniversary

Happy Anniversary!  All of the cuts were done with the Cricut.  For the top part of the card, cut out the four hearts as one piece and then glued each set next to each other.  Since I could not space it properly, decided to paste them onto a cream cardstock and then trimmed it slightly smaller than the card so that the overlapping pieces would look like it was supposed to be that way!  The bottom part of the card is hand made paper that I had in stock and then cut out the 50 and another smaller heart in the oval and pop dotted them.  And to cover up the connection between top and bottom, put a gold and white ribbon.  Perhaps should of put a bow on the card, but just thought that it might make it too much.  All of the gold is glimmery paper that I had in stock and really made the card pop - sorry the picture just does not do it justice on how pretty it turned out.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Terry, Looks so elegant.